Welcome to Brent Solidarity Group

We are a group of individuals who live and work in the London borough, who believe that the present system is failing us. Brent is one of the largest borughs in London and the fourth worst borough in London for levels of child poverty. We do not believe that our elected representatives have our best interests at heart but their own power bases and financial gain based on greed.

We believe in putting the needs of people before vast profits and that everyone has a right to decent paid jobs, free education, health care, decent affordable homes and a decent standard of living. We believe in order to change things politically and socially, that we need to organise and take control of the decision making in our lives, work places and communities. Decisions made for us, by us, about us. We do not believe in or have leaders or people telling us what to do and how. We believe in helping eachother and sticking together, sharing ideas and experiences and coming to decisions collectively, so everyone has a say and control over their own lives.

  • We are against and oppose all forms of oppression.
  • We get together and campaign against issues that affect us, our communities and working conditions and support each other.
  • We are currently involved in welfare issues, opposing ‘work for your benefits’ and the companies who stand to make vast profits. NHS, housing, education and the councils cuts to our public services.
  • We stick together and support each other to oppose evictions, bailiffs, police intimidation and brutality, oppressive stop and search laws and the general criminalisation of young people.
  • We help defend our communities and our working conditions.

Most of all this is about you getting active and involved.
Brent is in the HA and NW postcode areas

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